Ridge Footwear – Makers of lightweight footwear

Ridge Outdoors is a manufacturing company built on a solid foundation of hard work, integrity and dedication to the customer.  While not exactly a young company on the horizon, we have invested more than twelve years in creating what the customer needs and wants.

We strive not to meet our competition but to exceed them.  When our customers talk, we not only listen, we also act on their requests and suggestions (when warranted).  Ridge is the innovator of the tactical boot air heel system.  Many other footwear companies, as well as companies trying to break into the black boot industry, have tried to imitate us, which in and of itself is a form of flattery.  However, there is only one original, one first and one Ridge Footwear.

Ridge footwear provides many styles of boots, shoes, and accessories to accommodate a variety of needs including:

  • Tan or Black
  • Tactical Boots
  • Motorcycle Boots
  • Industrial Boots
  • Waterproof/Blood Borne Pathogen Resistant Boots
  • Oxford Shoes
  • Ridge Runner Sport Shoes
  • Packin’ Tee Concealed Weapon Shirt
  • Coolmax® Moisture Wicking Socks  

We manufacture footwear for law enforcement, firemen and EMT personnel.  In the past two years we have begun targeting other markets such as motorcycle boots, food service and hospitality industries. This opening statement may be about us, “Ridge Footwear”, but the ultimate goal of Ridge Footwear is about You, the customer and your satisfaction.

Take a look, try a pair and you will find quality, comfort and durability built in every boot or shoe Ridge has to offer.

To see our range of ridge gear click here, or contact us to find out more about deals and product ranges we can offer you.


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