LED Lenser

LED Lenser – Creating new worlds of light

The  results of passion, endeavour and 18 months of research and development:
the latest generation of LED LENSER® products.  

Like science fiction lightsabers, these unique lamps cut through the darkness of night. Let them surprise you.

• Dynamic Switches
• Award winning designs
• Gold plated contacts
• Advanced focus systems

LED Lenser lights are not only extremely bright, but also feature the technology to power long run times and beam distances without compromising size, weight, or usage of common battery styles. From keychain size to 1000 lumen lighting tools for professionals, their German engineering, attention to design detail and industry-leading warranty is second-to-none.

Fire, light and tools are the most important discoveries in the history of humankind.  Light opened up a world for the homo sapiens that had been almost totally closed to them before: the world of night. Due to the microelectronic revolution, the world of light is on the move. Light sources based on semiconductor technology are gaining ground.

Edison’s lamps will soon be exhibits in museums of industrial history. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) save energy and reduce CO2 emissions – a benefit to our overheated planet.

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