Brahma – The name to trust

Brahma™ is Australia’s most trusted supplier of Hi visibility and industrial workwear

Through constant product development, Brahma™ has led the industry with innovative products for decades, with the Brahma™ brand well known for it’s latest designs and the highest quality.

Brahma™ products are distributed through Signal One International.

Our vast distribution network allows us to effectively and efficiently distribute our brands. We continue to strengthen the relationship with our customers, and adapt to changing their requirements.

Our modern office/warehouse/distribution facilities of 6000 square meters is centrally located only 3km from the city centre and from Sydney airport, and enables us to distribute our products with maximum efficiency.

We are committed to improving our dominate market share by providing unparalleled products, service and quality to our customers. We will continue to adapt all facets of our operation to meet the changes dictated by a competitive market.

Click here to see our range of uniforms and corporate apparel, or contact us to find out more about deals and product ranges we can offer you.


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