ASP Hinge Cuffs
Increased control, radiused edges, recessed key way, high visibility double lock indicator, four point hinge

Please call to purchase 02 9698 9299

Signal One
  • Increased control over violent subjects
  • Radiused Edges
  • Recessed key way
  • Four point hinge
  • High Visibility double lock indicator

  • Please note: Due to a change in the regulations regarding the sale of batons and handcuffs, we are no longer able to sell batons or handcuffs to any body who resides in NSW/ACT that does not hold a current Weapons and Prohibition Permit. To buy more than 1 baton or handcuff a masters licence  is required in NSW. Vic residents require security licence, Training certificates and permission from employer letter. To buy more than 1 you need to provide documents showing you are the registered business owner of a security company. All other states are welcome to enquire as long as you have a valid security licence or business licence (for more than 1). If you have the above documentation please contact us by phone to purchase these items.

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