Uzi - Tactical Watches with Tritium Technology!

The legendary UZI is one of the world's most famous firearm brands, a 20th century design classic and a true icon. Since its launch in 1950 the UZI family has been in service worldwide by Army, Secret Services, Police and Special Forces.

The military watches are very tough, durable and accurate timepieces. They are easy to read and have large illuminated hands dials. These watches pack cutting edge features.  

Tritium H3 watches are the easiest in the world to read in low light conditions and even in total darkness. The light emitting devices require no battery power or any other form of charging, and never need servicing or maintenance. Tritium H3 watches are equipped with a tritium light source. These tiny, airtight vials are sealed under high pressure and are resistant to water, oil and the most corrosive materials. A minute quantity of tritium lights up the dye.

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