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ISC compression garments utilize a revolutionary bio-dynamic fit whereby a mathematical formula has been calculated to allow for optimal structural support, improved core stability, reduced lower back stress, and enhanced postural awareness, without compromising on comfort.


All ISC compression garments have a reduced number of seams in high abrasion areas to ensure comfort and durability and have undergone unique “flat seaming™” during production which allows seams to be stretched to the maximal stretch capacity of the fabric without fear of tearing or loss in optimal compressive ability.


Revolutionary 100% recycled yarn technology has been used in the production of ISC compression wear. All garments have been produced using materials such as post-consumer plastic bottles that would normally go to landfill, greatly reducing any environmental impact. The recycled yarn is combined with high powered elastane to provide excellent stretch and enhanced durability. The fabric used has been specially knitted to provide the optimum stretch and stretch recovery so that compressive forces on the body are maintained at all times, increasing proprioception and providing greater body awareness to the wearer, increasing muscle efficiency and reducing fatigue. The materials used in ISC compression have their own thermo regulating properties to maintain efficient body temperatures in both hot and cold environments. Unlike other compression garments on the market, ISC compression has a permanent moisture management and anti-microbial finish that is built into the material. This specialised fabric also wicks perspiration away from the skin, keeping the body dry and comfortable no matter the conditions.


All garments have had over 40 hours of athlete trialling to ensure product quality and as such a large amount of scientific data has been observed to determine optimal compression for specific muscles groups whilst static, during activity, and in recovery and under varying levels of physiological stress and lactate production levels. ISC compression garments have been registered as a Class I medical device with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and through extensive testing at the University of Newcastle, has been classed as complying to Australian Class II compression standards. In order to ensure ISC is setting the gold standard in compression garments, continued scientific testing to measure optimal physiological performance in areas such as anaerobic threshold, blood oxygenation, VO2 max and recovery marker observations are currently underway.

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